What the heck is healthy anymore?

Nowadays, nobody has a proper definition of health because the word gets thrown around like candy. Many companies misuse the label “healthy” in their food products to maximize profits.

You’ve seen the label being thrown around in these products all the time:

  • Organic foods with high sugar (Cliff Bars)
  • Protein shakes or fruit drinks with high sugar (Odwalla, Jamba Juice)
  • High cholesterol meats (American Heart Association)
  • Sugar-free additives with harmful substitutes (Kroger Yogurt, Diet Coke)
  • Fat-free alternatives (Milk, Margarine, Peanut Butter)

After going through numerous trendy/popularized diets, I’ve learned to associate the word “healthy” with a “balanced diet”

Balance means that it should be fine for your body to eat a certain amount of sugar or unhealthy foods (I have my occasional cheat days with delicious fried chicken) as long as it’s in moderation.

What is moderation?

To dwell further, we need to look at each of the key macronutrients and their recommended intake levels.

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