Trans Fats – The Dirty Sin of Fats

Did you know: Some brands of biscuits have trans fat. In fact, even if they write 0 grams of trans fats, they are allowed to round down from 0.49 grams. (Federal Regulation 21 CFR 101.9(c)(2)(ii))

You almost never see Trans fats anywhere nowadays. Every chip on your local Supermarket aisle always advertises the label, “No Trans Fats.” Therefore, you’ve never concerned yourself with these types of fats.

Yet you’ve wondered at some point, are Trans fats worse?

Looking at one study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that followed 7038 participants (mean age = 67 years old) with high-risk for cardiovascular diseases (diseases related to the blood vessels or the heart) over the course of 6 years, they found that significantly more participants developed heart-disease when they were consuming trans fats and saturated fats relative to the group consuming poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats.

This study also mentions that those consuming trans fats and saturated fats were physically less active, consumed less fibers and carbohydrates, and had a greater prevalence of diabetes. Therefore I decided to also check out other studies.

One study from Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism that summarized cohort studies taken from multiple review articles showed that middle-to-old aged people:Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 6.59.39 PM

Basically, let’s ignore all the data with Trans-Fatty Acids except for the one on the lower left corner of the picture above next to “TFA (2% TE)” because of low p-values (scary-uncertain statistical evidence if lower than 0.05). The Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) death risk is equivalent to 1.21, higher than any other fatty-acid CHD death risk. This poses numerous red flags for consuming Trans-Fatty Acids for even 2% of the daily total energy intake. Just to note, if the trans-fat acid was drawn up to 5% in comparison with the rest of the data, the death risk from CHD would likely be drastically higher.


Mani’s healthy rating:

0.4/10 – Let’s say you’re stuck on a desert island like Joe over here:


Joe only has a pocket supply of store-bought cream-filled flaky buttermilk biscuits. He’s hungry because he hasn’t eaten in 3 days. This is probably the only time he should actually eat those biscuits…



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